The Ios Chronicles Series

Genre: High Fantasy. Age: Teens-Adult

Launch: Book 1: June 2023

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While I have written the first draft for three of the five planned books in this series, I have determined to replot the series within the same setting and using the current main character arc. The outline I have should give a richer and more complex environment and add more conflict and intrigue. As such, I would consider them at the outline stage again. These will be summer (June) releases after the Heir of God trilogy is complete.


Ios is a world where magic exists but is outlawed after a worldwide magic-based war ripped the fabric of the planet. Called The Rending, the magic-class of Qru stopped the planet from rotating and ripped huge tracts of land from the bedrock. As part of the same war, the primary human city – housed inside a hollow mountain – was torn from the ground by a protective shield. With each point on the planet’s surface due to receive six months of light followed by six of darkness, the final act of the Qru was to set the mountain to follow the sun.

The Series

Some eight centuries after the Rending, the Riven Mount still follows the sun in a permanent loop around the planet. Divala Baonath is a hunter and scavenger who works for the city. When she accidentally discovers she possesses magical abilities, the city’s Mayor orders her execution. Divala escapes and journies to explore the planet and uncover its secrets. In parallel, the series follows several groups and settlements as they strive to control the meagre resources that remain while repelling the growing threat of the native Bihl race.

What Divala discovers will change the understanding of Ios and its history.


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