Maze’s Musings

Maze’s Musings

September already and sometimes I wonder where the months have gone. In addition to enjoying the company of some family visitors during the last couple of months, I have been able to progress with my writing.

My revisit of ‘Life After?‘ is now complete, and should be launched in October on Amazon. I will also be sending it to some agents over the coming weeks to progress the book further. There is a follow-up in my head currently but nothing more on that yet. I will update the website in October with the links when ‘Life After?‘ is listed.

Other news is that I have finished my 2nd version of ‘Heir of God: Revelations‘, which is the first volume of my Sci-Fi trilogy. Although I performed some reviews of grammar and line editing, the main focus was on plot strengthening and scene weaving. I believe that the story is better for it, although it will be some time before I receive any comments from the beta readers. In the meantime, my wonderful wife is performing the line-edit and checking the research included in the novel. Fracking is an emotive and current issue, and I want to get it plausible. The book is still on track for 2020 though.

Now the updates on both books are complete, my focus for October and November is ‘Savanna Steel: A Dish Best Served Cold‘ (working title). The action-thriller trilogy is undergoing a significant overhaul after I replotted the series.

I hope you enjoy the approaching autumn. Thank you for checking in, more musings next month.


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