Maze’s Musings

Maze’s Musings

April, and Easter especially, was a time for reflection. My wife and I have a lot of things going on currently, and a trek into our garden, where the weeds (some of which are over six-feet tall!) provided a new focus for us at home.

From a writing perspective, I have so many ideas, drafts and stories that I forced myself this month to properly plan the order in which I will work on them. As such, I have structured my calendar around two releases a year, focused on the two main series ‘Heir of God’ (Dystopian Sci-Fi) and ‘Savanna Steel’ (Action-Thriller). I plan to release one from each series a year, starting in 2020, with Heir in June and Savanna in October. When ‘Heir of God’ finishes, I will replace with ‘The Ios Chronicles’.

I am also going to relaunch ‘Life After?’ this October. I first put this on Amazon a few years ago as a test and received some good feedback. I am planning new artwork and also a final read-edit before launching this Young Adult-coming of Age novel again.

So a month of planning more than progress, but it has certainly cleared my mind.

Thank you for checking in, more musings next month.



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