Harper Maze is a lifetime geek, fantasy & sci-fi nerd. Growing up in middle England, surrounded by a host of adopted animals and foster brothers and sisters, she saw both sides of life from a very young age, and learned that her brand of kooky humour, mixed with her naturally affectionate spirit, could have a healing effect on humans and animals alike. Harper’s early life experience form the bedrock of her character writing, allowing her to draw from deeply personal experiences to bring characters to life; this is most evident in the LGBT+ coming of age novel ‘Life After?’.
In the early nineties, Harper packed up her earthly belongings and headed off to the city of Birmingham to embark on a career in I.T. and programming. Eventually, she made it to the great city of London, planning and delivering multi-million-pound IT programmes. The Heir of G.O’D. series of novels draws deeply on her exposure to the often slightly ridiculous world of corporate machinations.
These days, whilst still managing a large team in the world of the corporates, Harper enjoys a (slightly) slower pace of life with her amazing partner and two over-exuberant Bengal cats by the coast in South East England, viewing the world with her own particular brand of sardonic irony.