Genre: Mythopoeic (Greek) + Cyberpunk 

Age: 11+

Books in Series: Work in Progress

I am incredibly excited to be working on this new project, which has so much scope and so many possibilities. As a reader, I have found myself lost in J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle Earth, the Cosmere created by Brandon Sanderson, and the amazing Discworld, detailed by the late, great Sir Terry Pratchett. As a writer, I am in the process of designing this new world to delight and entertain readers.

The setting is a near-future Earth, towards the end of the 21st Century. Global Warming is a problem of the past, and the world has settled into a technological equilibrium between sprawling cityscape metropolises and sweeping areas dedicated to the protection and sustenance of the world’s flora and fauna. Cancer has almost been eradicated, cybernetic implants are commonplace, using a new metal discovered during the proliferation of space travel within the solar system.

But in 2068, everything changes. During a Solar Maximum, the Sun sends a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) careening towards Earth. Earth spends several hours drifting through the tail of the CME, which takes out swathes of power-stations and electrical grids, setting society back years. But worse, the surge in radiation affects the DNA of humans and creatures alike.

When the world emerges from the CME, its future is changed forever because, in addition to the fauna before, creatures and races from Greek Mythology begin walking the Earth again.

The word ADNATION has several meanings hidden inside.

Adnate = ‘Joined or united with a part or organ of a different kind

AD = ‘Anno Derelicta' (Year of Forsaken - replaces Anno Domini) 

DNA – Reference to the changes in human and animal DNA caused by the CMA

Nation - as well as country, it also means 'A people who share common customs, origins, history’. Those who mutate form their own ‘nationality’—the ADNATION.


I plan a free novel (which is already being drafted) for those who sign up for the newsletter. I am planning to release a combination of series, standalones, and short stories based on a plethora of characters from across the Adnation world. More news will be released during 2021 through my newsletter - why not sign-up for it now, receive your free Heir of G.O’D. novella, early news of future releases, and special offers.