Heir Of G.O’D. Series

Heir of God (Trilogy)

Genre: Dystopian / Sci-Fi. Age: Teens-Adult

Launch: Book 1: June 2020

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Series Summary

Gary O’Drae, The Creator, launched his mass-access simulation, a replication of our solar system, to an eager public in the 2020s. Through his company ‘SolCorp’, GOD ensured that ‘Sol’ was available to all at no charge. Sol quickly became the main social, gaming and commerce focus of the world and the in-game cryptocurrency – Suns – soon topped the financial markets as the world’s safest currency. Then the Devastation happened.

A series of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions on the West Coast triggered the Yellowstone Caldera, called the Devastation. As a result, the earth became gripped in a volcanic winter, temperatures plummeted, and entire continents became uninhabitable. Rumours say that deep-crust fracking triggered the chain reaction.

Initially, O’Drae took his simulation offline, with the view that people needed to focus on survival. However, in the face of mass depression and suicides in an already-depleted population, O’Drae agreed to put Sol back on-line. With SolCorp no longer under his control, GOD added the proviso that ownership and control of Sol would automatically switch to his Heir on their 18th Birthday. Gary O’Drae passed away a few months later, and fearful of his heir’s safety, he put his only child into the safe care of a family friend and hid all traces of the Heir’s identity.

The series setting is the mid 21st Century, a couple of decades after the Devastation. The Heir is due to turn eighteen in 12 days. Only, nobody knows who the Heir is or where he is. Or do they? The trilogy follows a girl who depends on Sol for everything. Gray is a high-ranking Sol Arena fighter, with a cult following. Only, she has a deadly secret which she keeps from the world. Gray is blind. With SolCorp actively hunting blind people, Gray’s anonymity is key. When Gray learns of an engineer who has the skills to convert her visor to work in ‘realworld’ as it does within Sol, Gray determines to find him and begins an adventure which will change everything.

Harpermaze_ebook-1Heir of God (1) – Revelations

Genre: Dystopian / Sci-Fi. Age: Teens-Adult

Launch: Book 1: June 2020

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Reclusive Ana hides her blindness from a society that hunts blind people.

Back in 2026 Fracking caused a supervolcanic apocalypse which decimated the human race and almost destroyed the Earth. Gary O’Drae (colloquially called G.O’D.) relaunched his mass-access simulation “Sol” for survivors to connect, congregate and trade.

2044: Ana, a lauded Sol e-games champion, relies on her bespoke visor to see inside the simulation to fund her anonymity and survival. But G.O’D. included a termination date in Sol and in twelve days’, it will self-destruct.

Twelve scant days for Ana to identify a visor engineer for a life-changing upgrade. Her desperate search puts her at jeopardy of persecution from the same Corporations she has remained concealed from.

Uncovering the hidden truths could change the way Ana sees everything…

“Ready Player One meets Hunger Games meets Divergent, only different” (Beta Reader)