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The Heir of G.O’D. Dystopian series continues with Epiphany, the second of four novels in the series. 

To celebrate the release, and the upcoming season, Revelations will be FREE for between the 5th and 7th of December, and Epiphany will be 50% off for the same period. Why not grab your copies now while this offer lasts. You can find Heir of G.O’D. Revelations here (Amazon US) or here (Amazon UK), or by searching for B089P1TRJH in your local Amazon store. Heir of G.O’D. Epiphany can be found here (Amazon US) or here (Amazon UK) or by searching for B089NC9S6Y in your local Amazon store.

If you register for my newsletter, you will also receive the free novella – Arm@g3dd0n: Memoirs of a Natural Distaster – voiced by Heir series cad, Arm@g3dd0n. This companion story is best read after book 1, but may ask more questions than it answers.

Heir of G.O’D. Book 3 is written too, and is deep into editing, with a release date early February. Stay tuned for title and cover reveals in the New Year.

Finally for now, the draft of Book 4, the last in the Heir of G.O’D. series, is almost complete and is on track for a release mid 2021.


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